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Internet Work

There are two common ways of attaching the drilling installation – anchoring and fastening with a spacer bar. Tie method of securing the installation provides for its mounting to the surface with the additional holes for fasteners. Frequently Army Chief of Staff has said that publicly. However, due to feature works in a residential area, […]

Organization Works Schedule

Statistics show that the typical accidents in construction are: working with and fall height, impact on them of building materials, injury by crane loads, electric shock shock. For the proper and safe operation of construction and repair and construction works are to be developed project construction organization (POS), production design work (SPR), a production schedule […]

Waterbased Paint

When using water-based and other synthetic dyes, one can not apply copper vitriol, and aluminous primer for cleaning the ceiling before painting because it will appear on the covered spot. Many homes are built, reaching to the ceiling wardrobes. With whitewashed ceiling angles formed by the cabinet to the ceiling, must-taped, cut the gauze, and […]

Mixer Design

Today, when the bathroom and the kitchen is actually lost their utilitarian purpose, the mixer also stopped to perform solely clerical duties, and became an integral part of interior. Nowadays bathroom is no longer just a room for procedures, personal hygiene, recreation and relaxation. The kitchen is often replaced in a city apartment living. So […]

Frameless Glass Lumon

225 degrees). Despite the apparent ease and lightness, This construction is robust durability. Profile itself is rigidly fixed by means of anchor bolts in concrete. Frameless design can be both direct and with angular and rounded elements. As previously mentioned, Frameless glazing of balconies and loggias Lumon consists of highly durable tempered glass with no […]


Engineers and geologists are studying only lithological difference between the ground and gravity processes, ie processes occurring under the influence of gravity. When surveys are not taken into account the tectonic stress state of the geological environment with a predominance significant horizontal stress and ignored her mobility. That is why the deformation of the next […]

PVC Windows on the Market

pvc windows are of different colors and shapes, are presented on the market today, in a wide range. Yes, in fact, choose from the variety offered by windows is very, very hard, but it need not to become victims firms scams. What to look for when choosing profile pvc windows profile thickness of plastic windows […]

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