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In many cultures, extended wear and custom as to wear the ring does not depend on the norms accepted in society, and from family traditions and the choice of the spouse. Sometimes a widow or widower is added to his ring a ring a deceased spouse and have two rings on one finger. Modern tradition in Britain and the United States among older people was widely believed that wedding rings should be mostly women. At present, often both husband and wife wear rings, but from time to time may remove them for reasons related to the nature of the work from the comfort or security. Some people do not like the idea of using precious metals, or they do not want to declare their legal status through jewelry.

There are people who prefer to wear a wedding ring on chain around his neck. The tradition of using two rings, ie for both spouses, is relatively young. The origin of its clear and it was never widely circulated. In the late 19th Century American Jewelry start a marketing campaign, which aimed to promote the use of two rings. Widespread this tradition was not then, though in his book on etiquette, published in 1937, recommended that both wear rings spouses. Lessons from the 1920's., The changed economic situation and the impact of World War II led to what was done a second, more successful marketing campaign, and as a result, the end of the 1940s. tradition of "two rings" already used 80% of marriage compared to 15% during the Great Depression.

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