Language Schools

You set out to learn a foreign language and decided to find a language school for this? Today I'll tell you why this is not the best solution. You know a lot of people who are fluent in at least one foreign language? Certainly, unity, and those – your teachers at school or college, ie, people for whom the language – it's a profession. And how many do you think, people who once in his life went to the course? If not all, of very many. Why do they never spoke a foreign language? The fact that the language schools – is a business based on failure. Your failure, inability to learn the language of those techniques are the most language schools are offering. Thousands of people written in language classes, regularly attend classes, even homework.

And what they get in the end? High – a slight increase in vocabulary and a pair of new grammar rules (what is left in head after the course). Begin if they are freely and confidently speak the language? No, even if they reached the highest level and received a certificate of course completion rates. That is, formally, they finished it, and the result – and not reached. What then are these people? They go into another language school, hoping that this school will be better and there is something they must teach. Then in the third, and so on. And then, and have not learned to speak, they lose all hope, fully convinced of their inability to foreign languages. Language schools at this time are thriving, because their thresholds crowd wishing to learn new, or rather those who want to teach them.

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