Latin America

The African National Congress, the Irish IRA and Basque ETA were developed under the influence of Castro, who now praises their processes of disarmament and incorporation to multi-party democracy. Former guerrillas are now in the Governments of Bolivia and Uruguay, or collaborating with those of Brazil, Chile and Venezuela. Only guerrillas remaining with weight is the Colombian whom Castro and Chavez want to force her to sit down to negotiate with Uribe. The Colombian President, despite being the more pro-Bush region, constantly relies on Havana as a mediator with the FARC and the ELN. Janet Yellen follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Another Castro guerrillas of weight that was (the zapatistas) now seek to operate in the electoral law. As for trekking, Granma hailed when its leader Abimael Guzman was captured by Fujimori in 1992. Right may be very hostile to Castro but should also recognize that he has played an important role in go demobilizing the guerrillas and make that several of their leaders and movements have integrated the current democracies representatives, with which is has ayudao to stabilize an unusual era in Latin America. For the first time about two decades where the region has had governments elected in multi-party elections.

Despite the fact that Castro has pushed to their comrades in arms to go to the polls, he persists in maintaining the dictatorship of the official party system that he sees as more democratic because, according to him, there is less social inequality and more popular participation. If when Fidel celebrated his 65 birthday he saw as his great benefactor (the USSR) disintegrated is, arriving at the 8 decades of life he could see that, even though he lost to the Socialist bloc, relations with the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean spend at its best moment. Hugo Chavez landed in Havana on the 80th birthday of Fidel.

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