Learning English

English. Learn English and speak freely, it was my dream. Arriving in the U.S., I was hoping that you were among Lyudka who speak only in English, I quickly learned to speak and understand a new one for me language. But my hopes were gradually dissipate. Took place month after month, and I could barely understand the simplest sentences. Probably played a role and that, in school and college, I studied French, and these two languages sound so very differently. Americans said quickly, all of the words blended for me in one sentence. And they are such sociable! Sellers in markets tried to talk with me just about anything else.

Everything began with the phrase about how the business. This the usual greeting, I understand. But will continue to ask about the weather, a football game, my son and another about something. Beforehand to prepare. I must say that I have not tried to find English courses anywhere in the school library, church, although the possibility of such a. The fact that I'm a programmer, the languages used to teach yourself. Of course, it's very different languages, but the style of my work and training.

In addition, there was also obktivnaya reason. I did not have rights to driving at the time, but my husband was leaving for the trip almost every week. Public transport here is little, and walk so far will not leave. Two months later I started to take action. I researched all sites devoted to learning English. Material was a lot. It was texts, video, audio, and a variety of techniques to learn English themselves. I bought some paid courses, which told me how most effectively to learn foreign languages. Some of them were very helpful and effective, but many of them. And what, you ask? Got it? Yes. happened, and not bad. But the conclusion to which I came, surprised me. I believe that abundance of information prevents to study languages. We then grabs for one, for another. Most importantly, develop systems, programs and drop all unnecessary. I want to tell people who want to learn English on their own, however, like any other foreign language. Determine first, why you need it, and then that imeeno you want to be able to. I mean, what is most important to you now. Maybe you need to learn to read and translate, can speak and understand the interlocutor, can only be understood (eg, watch movies in original). Or maybe you need all at once? In any case, you can find information on the Internet. Only use websites carriers language, a lot of excellent material for studying foreign languages in anggloyazychnom Internet. Do not want to waste time and energy searching for, the required material? Then you here. 'English independently and free. "

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