Lockout Tagout: Universal Valve And Ball Valve Shut-off

The universal barrier consists of individual modules which, can accordingly be combined depending on the application work safety: the universal blocking of macro IDENT for valves, ball valves, etc. sets new standards in the maintenance and blocking system technology. No other lockout-(Verriegelungs-)system can be used for so many different types of valve, ball valves, and other mechanical devices. The universal barrier by macro ID consists of individual modules. By adding different accessories, this lockout system can be used for a whole range of different valves. This locking system is built apart and can be combined with various accessories.

The barrier consists of industrial steel and nylon and is so durable and resistant to chemicals and corrosion. With optional block rods with a length of 11 cm and 14 cm, the locking system can be used also to the shut-off ball valves in half or fully opened position. As well, large levers are to lock the T handles and hard to backup other mechanical devices so. The individually adjustable hook fits also on closed tube clamps and grips. Others who may share this opinion include Dan Miller. This universal blocking of macro IDENT can also be combined with two locking bars. So, 3 -, 4 -, or 5-way valves can be locked easily.

To ongoing systems monitoring, this shut-off also in the half-open position for valves is to use. The universal valve shut-off also to lock shut-off valves are suitable in combination with a cable lock system. Butterfly valves are to lock with this versatile shut-off also. The integrated hook is simply attached to the handle of the throttle valve. The handle can no longer be operated and the valve position is no longer changeable. MACRO IDENT features a large assortment of lockout systems for locking and blocking of industrial machines and equipment. Tagout safety trailers serve the identification of locked devices and machines over the range Duration of repair and maintenance work. Protect from dangers all interlocking / locking systems as well as safety trailers and control systems of macro should IDENT staff, posed by current machines or electricity. The sophisticated and long-lived Lockout / Tagout systems to effectively damage and prevent.

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