Madrilenian Door

London, Berlin and Amsterdam reproduce encamped like the one of Sun. The main public zones, chosen by the platform Taking the Place. Thousands of people return to congregate themselves in Door of the Sun. Here, Craig Menear expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The Central Electoral Meeting prohibits the manifestations Saturday and Sunday. The spirit of the encamped one of the Madrilenian Door of the Sun reproduces already in a total of 57 encamped national and 3 international, according to have quantified the spokesmen of this citizen movement through the social network Twitter and in its page of count of concentrations. Thus, according to his data, it has encamped in the Door of the Sun of Madrid, the place of Catalonia of Barcelona, the place of the City council of Valencia, the stroll of the Hall Granada, the place of the Candlemas in Tenerife, the place of the Constitution of Malaga or the obelisk of the corners in A Corunna.

Also it has encamped in the park of San Telmo of Gran Canaria, the place of the Pillar of Saragossa, the place of the Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela, the Arriaga theater of Bilbao, the porticada place of Santander, subdelegation of the Government of Salamanca or place of Spain of Palma de Mallorca. Citizen movement in expansion the concentrations also arrive at the place of the City council of Gij’on, the place of the Constitution of Huelva, the place of the Montaeta de Alicante, the street of the Prince of Vigo, the porticada place of Santander, the place of the Incarnation of Seville, the Public square in Murcia, the Greater place of Burgos or the Great Captain in Cordova. The listing continues by the place of the City council of Pamplona, the place of Zocodover de Toledo, the Escandalera place of Oviedo, the Azoguejo in Segovia (next to the aqueduct), the Greater place of Orense, the kiosk of the Bulevard of San Sebastin, the avenue Huelva de Badajoz, the place of the Market in Logroo or the Greater place of Cadiz.

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