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Dressed with ALBERT cross in the summer well and pleasantly Teltow, 08 June 2009 the summer is around the corner and like every year the question arises in suits: I must appear at 30 degrees in the shade still with suit and tie to work? Too revealing clothing is still taboo in many German offices. But ties can be dispensed with. However, there are professional groups where suits and tie remain a must-have. The brand of ALBERT cross has the answer for down under: T-shirts that are comfortable to wear in the summer and remain invisible in an open collar. Vests in the summer? It is unthinkable for most workers. However, there are enough professions that must be correctly dressed even at 30 degrees in the shade. With direct customer contact, business clothing remains top priority, because appearance counts. What but now under the shirt to wear? The answer is: underwear of brand ALBERT cross.

The evolution of men’s vests”, says Uwe Schmidt, Managing Director of the Albert Kreuz GmbH, was neglected by the industry a long time. As a result, the younger generation mostly denied this. But a business shirt without vest is not a good idea in the summer because the shirt is unpleasant on the skin and sweat stains are the result. T-Shirts are no alternative, because they are often too far and have visible wrinkles by the shirt. Also they are usually too short, so they easily slip out of your pants.” Labeled ALBERT cross, Uwe Schmidt’s company supplies wash which is tuned to business dress. The vests are breathable and extra light. Through the deeper drawn V-neck, the vest remains invisible even in an open shirt button. The Albert Kreuz GmbH manufactures in Germany and guaranteed premium quality. In her Web shop can be paid per invoice, returns are always free of charge.

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