Mediterranean Space

For what the wings of the historian, as the ones of this bird without eira nor side, the cuckoo, must be free to take it to shock eggs of the nests that can bring futures to the past Fernando Catroga the analysis of the Mediterranean and the mediterrnico world at the time of Philip II, allied to other workmanships as Social History and Sciences and Grammar of the Civilizations, of Fernand Braudel, when we think about the African continent, is sufficiently instigante because it makes possible in them to problematizar it from the categories time and duration. Beyond thinking about the secular categories still throughout its huge workmanship it considers a reality model, the civilizations, and a method of research to transit for this model. The first cited workmanship is a singular reference in the historiogrfica problematizao of the space and the time. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs. It is here that it occurs for the first time and in way not very systemize in its thought a boarding of the time appealing the shortness, the average and the long duration. He is curious to perceive that such fact does not gain the focus of the initial problematizao since it destines itself to argue the space of the Mediterranean sea and its neighborhood in the second half of century XVII, but if it was not for approaching the space as actor and the time as capable element to conserve definitive realities in detriment of others, the Mediterranean, would be only one excellent book enters others that treat on this portion of sea. Braudel leaves clearly, but it does not deepen the times of history, classifies them in individual time, social time and geographic time, being that this disposal keeps an increasing order of the duration, conforming forms you go off of if making history, commanding them it the step that systematically defends the defense of the research that ponders the long duration.

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