Modern Society

The last thing lacked only. Leonel Fernandez knew what he said. These conditions, to be a modern man have remained unchanged in its essence in these days. They have only complicated much. Therefore, driving a car is not enough to know how to handle, requiring a conduct and also manageable behavior, have a preparation and a special knowledge to not become a device ready to kill or kill; In addition, develop certain skills and dexterity.

And this is not in contradiction with the primary concept. The growth of social motorization rate accompanied by the dynamics of life, typical of the era and the progress of the nation; where all social entity assumes more commitments in the same period of time, etc. Society demands that routes users equip themselves are of certain emotional controls and ensure an improvement in the quality of the driver, to avoid the high rates of violence in the routes. The language about globalization are indispensable tools for the development of peoples, referring to the first idea of modern man. President Fernandez promotes them from the State institutions.

to be a modern man had to typing, speak English and know drive a car no longer write to machine, but on computer, which is a key in the world of knowledge and information, knowing that that’s able to President Fernandez has strong leadership in the international order. In that sense, the country has advanced the clear vision that has always been who today directs the Dominican Republic destinations. Whose power is not fortuitous, since you said rightly that it would change cooktops by computers in case of ascend to power. The aspect that we must work and which should create conscience from the State called road safety to also conceive.

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