Multi Talented Label For The Retail Stores

Bizerba presents the C-wrap at the IFFA 2010 Frankfurt: informed, seals and protects Balingen the leading international trade fair for the meat industry, March 25, 2010 – at the IFFA 2010, presented the C wrap the technology manufacturer Bizerba from 8th to 13th may label (Hall 6, booth C60). All content can be represented only a label, which encloses the product by up to four pages. The packaging is so stable, the product content is also protected from illegal repackaging. Award errors are avoided, reduced the number of role switching. With the right software, the user can determine the position of the content itself. Customers can see important messages at a glance without having to take the Pack off the shelf. Traditionally packaging are with different prices, information and jewelry labels from the top, bottom and labelled by the page.

An alternative approach, the so-called C-wrap labelling, allows the display of all content on only a label, which the \”Wraps product from three sides and with a C\” shapes. As Fullwrap, it can wrap up to four pages. This procedure opens the user a number of advantages, such as Marc Badi, Sales Director labels and consumables at Bizerba, explains: more frequent roll changes are necessary in the tagging process with several labels. Also errors can creep, if not all rolls are changed synchronously with the different products. Then can, for example, the salami with the underside label of the ham fail are applied. By representing all product information on only a label be avoided mistakes Award and it reduces the number of role changes\”. Also the label serves to close the product packaging, to increase their stability and to contribute to the theft protection. Especially exclusive food of the Argentine steak up to high quality candy, protect so illegal repackaging\”, so next Badr. But also for is the convenience the label ideal.

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