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The interviews had been carried through in local schedules and chosen by the participants, recorded and later transcribing. The citizens had been stimulated to speak of the pregnancy, the separation, the responsibilities that they had acquired and the meaning that the absent figure represents for them and for the children in the domestic space. The mother had 24 years, three children: a girl of 6 years son of the first relationship and two boys, between 3 and 10 months with as the accompanying one, incomplete average level, owner of house and received aid financial from the grandmother with minimum income of approximately two minimum wages. The father of 39 years, a son of 7 years, complete average level, worked of security and had an income of three minimum wages. We consider the lines of direction for research with human beings, that they aim at to the protection of the rights of the involved ones in the research, as the ethical aspects pointed by the Resolution n 196/96 of the National Advice of Health. For occasion of the invitation to the citizens for participation in the research, it was guaranteed to them: anonymity, secrecy on its information, right of desistance in any stage of the research, access to the researchers and the results of the study. The use of fictitious names in the construction of the report was also guaranteed to them. 3.

RESULTED the new formation of monoparental families it causes many modifications and construction of feelings in the life of individuals that decide or some way is obliged to assume the responsibility to take care of of its children without the aid of the (a) friend (a). The interviews had been divided in nine categories, that will be folloied of some speak of the participants. PREGNANCY In accordance with the story of Cristina, when the father engravidou not if he mattered, therefore would not assume the paternity, did not want to have responsibilities, although to have that to assume its alone son it decided to follow in front with a frustration feeling, therefore it was adolescent and it did not have support, if it felt abandoned.

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