After that act, last step of the phase of instruction, judge Jose Flors will have to decide if it begins oral trial or it files the case. The judgment would be into the hands of a jury of nine members. The call case of the suits, the part of the Grtel plot in which the president of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government, Francisco Camps, and other ex- stops are imputed positions like Vicente Boulevard, Victor Fields, Ricardo Costa and Rafael Betoret to accept gifts in the form of clothes supposedly, arrives at his final phase. The Room of the Civilian and the Penitentiary of the Court Superior of Justicia (TSJ) Valencian has decided to investigate the branch separately rrida to the possible irregular financing and electoral crime. At the same time, it has determined for the next Tuesday 12 of July the preliminary hearing of the case of the suits, an act that considers the last step of the phase of instruction and that will leave to the ready case for the opening of judgment or the file.

As far as the terms, hearing of Tuesday could conclude that same day or need some day more. Once finished, according to it establishes the Law of the Jury, judge Jose Flors has three days to decide if it abre to judgment against Camps and the rest of defendant, a decision before which resource does not fit, or files the case, scene that yes could be resorted later before the own instructor in first instance and before the Room. In anyone of the assumptions, the week that comes will be known, more likely, if the j of the Consell goes or not in opinion. What would happen if there were judgment? If the instructor chose to seat to Camps and the rest of defendant in the bench, the phase of composition of the court of the jury would start up. ide-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners. As one takes shelter in Law 5/95, this organ will be made up of nine members and two substitutes among some thirty people chosen by drawing. The selected ones can allege not to go in the opinion, which entails a later phase of study of those allegations and the publication of a provisional list. The terms depend on the excuses that put some of these people and the incompatibilidades that find the lawyers of the parts the day of the judgment after interrogating to the components of the jury. In any case, the decision of the Room to approach separately the case of the suits and the one of the irregular financing of the PPCV has given the final pulse to the judicial route of the case that affects Camps. Source of the news: The judge will decide the week that comes if it abre or nonjudgment to Camps.

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