Pleasure Principle

However, it seems that the only difference is produced between b and c, where a is the constant portion, but the a, the second time, a reunion at a to be reached by a detour and not a direct way as in the first time, thus satisfying the second experience is not exactly like the first. The second step to this is a subject to write-reunions "The proposition for the a + b is not the same for before and after the loss of the object, because a post-loss falls on a no background as the former denoting the presence of whatever compact unrepresentable as nothing and of course not defined in the opposition presence / absence. It is then no option presence of a real without interruption. "That's another, before the repetition indicates in the quote is what Freud defined as the thing, das Ding. The nature of opposition from the start with another, due to some regulation of pleasure in the seminar "Ethics …" Lacan describes as follows: "(…) the device that holds the processes seconds outlines the triggers of disasters that fatally leads a time of more or less, leaving spared himself the pleasure machine. " c) instinct and sublimation In "drive model" Masotta said that the psychic conflict lies in the dualism of drives and makes development of theoretical and clinical avatars were leading to Freud from the first model representative of the dualism: sexual drives / self-preservation instincts to the design of the opposition between life instinct and death instinct in Beyond the Pleasure Principle.

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