Pro Evolution Soccer

The latest installment of the acclaimed Simulator of football developed by Konami Pro evolution soccer 2009 has returned to the load with the elements that made it so popular but with some interesting news. Erin Montella wanted to know more. The level of detail is very good, the best, but enough to enjoy them, this is not reflected in the faces that have the most players who have great definition making them easily recognizable as well as also licensed t-shirts and stadiums that have a level of sufficient detail to be true copies of the originals, but without a doubt the best are animations that have been very well achieved, in some cases you can recognize dribbles, shots, saves or sweeps can be seen on television or in a stadium in live. Certain players run, haggle, and kick the ball as their real life counterparts, however these animations have the problem of repeat followed, making the game becomes predictable in that aspect. Sound is not the Forte of the game. The songs of the menus are not what one I would expect for a title like this, it will however depend on the taste of each one.

Within the field, the sound of the swollen encouraging teams, even as they do in reality is a great detail as well as the cry of the footballer to receive a serious lack that helps measure the coup that has suffered. However, what quickly stands at the start of the match are the commentators, who contribute significantly to the simulation with their phrases and analysis but as we play more and more we began to notice that his repertoire of expressions is limited and therefore repetitive and sometimes they are not right with the move that has just happenedwhich derives a quick boredom or even discomfort. Without a doubt the best thing always to presented the Pro Evolution Soccer has been its playability and this version is not far behind.

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