Psicossocial Paper

State of Mato Grosso State secretary of Education State School Lobato Hunter the psicossocial paper in the acquisition of the reading Article developed in the State School Lobato Hunter Authors: Hermitage of Jesus Saints, (Alfabetizao) and Marilene Branches, (3 Year of the Ens. Basic) – Summary Our intention when developing this article above all had base in the comment of the behavior of our children in situations of learning and in the process of socialization. Although to work in distinct spaces, we have argued exhaustingly on this subject having tried to understand the concept of acquisition of the knowledge inside of the pertaining to school scope, relating knowing brought when acquired knowing in systematic way. This interaction happens for the fidget that afflicts the professionals of the education whom always they are worried about the learning of its pupils. It is understood learning as a process of acquisition of abilities and dexterities acquired and accumulated during all daily pertaining to school as in such a way familiar one. During the development of this work we observe the behavior of the pupils in some spaces of learning in the verbal readings, in the social contexts, the diverse moments of sociability inside and outside of the classroom.

However the subject argued and analyzed for our point of view is not depleted in this activity of reflection, in contrast, excites a special attention to the process of development of the child as a whole, an integral, independent being of color, creed or social condition. Words key: Acquisition of the Language: Cognitivo knowledge: Hierarchies of Learning Introduction In this article we try to carry through in sketch of the process of learning as one of the diverse spaces of socialization professor/pupil and vice versa in the pertaining to school scope. The abilities acquired and accumulated for the life and the gradual presentation of new concepts and images, go creating in the subconscious mind a supply of information that in turn go taking form, commanding itself and incorporated the new information take body in one structural dimension that provides to the reader the experimentation of the reading is in the orality or the writing.

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