Securiton Expects More Demand

The conditions are now good,”explains Markus Strubel, Marketing Director of Securiton. “In the boardrooms is becoming more and more aware that fires threaten the existence of the company up. No insurance replaced customer losses or damage of image, for example by liability lawsuits.

The protection of people and property, as such data is included in future sure even closer look at the.” Securiton has many years of experience in development and applications of special fire detection technology to the fire early ester identifier and is the technological market leader in this segment. To the special fire detection technology include among other aspirating smoke detectors, air samples continuously check on suspicious particles, or sensor cable, immediately registering smallest temperature increases over long distances. Special fire detection technology is used above all in areas where classical point smoke detectors do not provide sufficient protection, for example in ATEX areas (explosion protection), data centers, parking garages, road or railway tunnels and high-bay warehouses, industrial buildings, production facilities. MHD 535: High-speed bus system particularly strong demand with independently programmable sensors is the heat detector SecuriSens MHD 535 (‘multipoint heat detector”). He is considered very strong, works extremely quickly and precisely. A high-speed bus system differentiates him from the products of competitors. It is unique on the market. The value time is more than 50 percent below the comparable systems.

There is a large number of highly sensitive sensors that quickly report abnormal temperature rises and higher levels of infrared radiation in the Interior of the heat measuring cable. Each and every one Sensor can be individually programmed with regard to his response. So he perfectly adapts to its environment and provides meaningful data. Alarms can be so exactly to locate – the freely selectable distance between the sensors is between two and 20 meters. This special fire detector is for example in the fields slope tunnel at Isny/Bavaria in use. Lack of fire prevention: drastic sentences for Manager most recently the decision of an Italian Court had stressed the importance of fire protection. Six managers had been sentenced to imprisonment between ten and more than 16 years. An explosion in Turin came seven workers killed since the security measures at the plant were inadequate. Image: downloads/SecuriSensMHD535.jpg print at reference “Securiton, Achern” free of charge, copy requested company description the Securiton GmbH, Achern, is one of the leading suppliers of electronic security technology in Germany.

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