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In my professional organizer holidays I often have to present the services of restaurateurs, artists, musicians, photographers, videographers and, of course, lead. Surprisingly, my words: ‘Meet Your toaster is’ often is more interest than all of these professions, and not only through an understanding of the importance of the lead at the ceremony. Sometimes you have to watch diametrically the opposite reaction – misunderstanding, distrust and even ridicule light – is a self-respecting individual in an age of modern technology in the era of the rule of the ideals of the business, new ways of thinking constructively and rationality will be deal with this frivolous case? The thing is that the narrow-minded view the concept of ‘toaster’ is quite vague and uncertain. (Not to be confused with Attorney General!). Many do not consider it a profession, and I have to some extent, agree with them: formally in this profession there is no official list. For amateurs, which in this case could prove to be successful television and radio presenters – this is a hobby or an opportunity ‘podhalturit’, but my colleagues who consider themselves successful professionals who have earned years of diligent work an excellent reputation, comfortably exist and will exist for all time, passing his invaluable experience to his students. So what is the specificity this profession?.

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