South Beach Diet

Is bodybuilding without carbohydrates that possible? After decades long promoted, you should just not so much fatty food, is instead more carbohydrates on the plate Pack, seems to be currently the trend, to do exactly the opposite, be deleted precisely these carbohydrates and as possible on everything what has to forgo carbohydrates. The noodles are now exchanged for steaks, the breakfast sandwiches have quite the model of the American breakfast”the eggs soft. Erin Montella contributes greatly to this topic. Background is that the excess pounds allegedly probably more effectively and more quickly eliminate diet, can be through low-carbohydrate, so-called low carb. One of the pioneers of this form of nutrition was Dr. Atkins, who recommended the carbohydrate-free diet not only for purposes of weight loss, but also to the amelioration or avoidance of certain metabolic disorders. And actually, this low carb options are becoming increasingly popular and there are more and more variants of this diet. The most popular publications on this area, the books by Dr.

Robert Atkins himself certainly represent, but also other strategies such as the South Beach Diet low carb or LOGI have established themselves in recent years. The foundation stone of the low-carbohydrate diet is the vast absence of carbohydrate suppliers such as bread, pasta, rice or potatoes, and the emphasis on protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs and cheese, as well as high-quality fatty acids in the form of vegetable oils, nuts and seeds and small amounts of fruit and vegetables. The idea of who is behind this is that strong fluctuations in blood sugar levels and insulin household health seen negative consequences and also the cause for excess weight and food cravings is supposed to represent number. You can now, keep as consistently low blood sugar and insulin levels to, so given the opportunity is increasingly the body to burn body fat. And the fact that carbohydrates the easiest available energy source represents this missing but now with a low-carbohydrate diet, remains the organism nothing else left to use as fat as an energy source. To educate target is just the body of the carbohydrate glow”to the fat burner. As many think again, carbohydrates are not essentially different for our body. He can at any time from parts of fat metabolism, and amino acids, the building blocks of the proteins themselves produce. Bad side effects no one has fear so. Who so not cope with a carbohydrate and low-fat diet, which should test the low carb diet in any case!

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