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National Bank Ukraine

It is known that our citizens defend their rights in court and try to accept credit contracts invalid. Many claims were based on the absence of the bank's individual license to issue currency credit. Learn more at this site: Total Transportation Services, Inc. Quite often referred to borrowers and the lack of spouse's consent for […]

Casa Rosada

The basis of all this begins with a process of penetration from East to South of Colombia, the FARC decimated greatly, they are in the neighboring country the opportunity to wrap and rest fail in ours and assiduously pursued in his return to Marquetalia, their small Republic of atrocities and atrocities where they intend to […]

Colombian Government

Then doubt the possibility of that is the FARC camps in Venezuela so serious a serious mistake? I wonder up to the trees know says Serra I wonder then myself myself, that much we know Colombians, the South American and the world of the certainty of truth of the allegations of the Uribe Government frankly […]


It is the art and science of implementing and developing all the potential of a company, which ensure a long-term survival Any company that wants to be successful and get benefits, you should have a formal system of strategic management. The firm had to agree with him, not only to obtain higher levels of profitability […]

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