The AOK PLUS Decision For Enrisma

Software introduction risk management with AOK PLUS Saxony / Thuringia Rosenheim, 24.11.2010 since mid-April 2010 the AOK PLUS Saxony / Thuringia – headquartered in Dresden, Germany established a software-based, modern risk management system in her house. All risk management processes in regard to all divisions of insurance about patient care to the invoicing of the services are supported by enrisma. Particular attention was the decision on the management of opportunities and also here enrisma the requirements have been met and are the next step on the basis of the extensive know-how of AOK PLUS extended. The AOK PLUS provides specific requirements for enrisma. A fast, accurate capture and control of individual risks in different business areas, the systematic control and monitoring of prioritized risks early warning system, as well as the aggregate presentation for the Board of Directors play the decisive role here. In the narrow, timely and constructive Exchange was enrisma as risk management software for the AOK PLUS optimized.

The variety of functions and possibilities of enrisma guarantee us a constant further development of our risk management without limits in the software. In addition, the ease of use of enrisma has impressed us all. We have definitely the right horse set.”quote Mr Stephan Konietzny, Rod area of controlling and risk management, AOK PLUS Saxony / Thuringia. In addition to the absence of additional contributions, the AOK PLUS Saxony / Thuringia are characterized by a strong customer service. The customer of checkout Moors at the nationwide branch network and the personal advice. This opinion is also the TuV. The Advisory services and the availability of get consistently good and very good marks. In a representative survey of customer satisfaction and service quality with 1.88 evaluated (good). The health fund now wants this standard through the use of software in the field of risk management

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