The Certain

This workmanship is mainly designed for professionals in the branch of psychology, students and also teaching professors. ‘ ‘ Dibs’ ‘ that does not find answers for its problems; parents who want to understand themselves to be able to understand and really to understand its children; for all it serves to remember that never we can tax nobody without really knowing the true history that each one brings inside of itself. To affirm that the child was rejected or not accepted, nothing means in terms of interior agreement. Very frequently, these terms only function as imprisoned labels with the operationalization of alibis to forgive our ignorance. We must cut cliches, fast interpretations and explanations. Analyzing literally; if to want to approach us of the truth, fits to look at us deeply each human being to understand the reasons of its human behavior. We have the obligation that all time that coming across in them with similar situations, to look the certain aid and at the certain moment.

To abandon the cause, never to esmorecer never ahead of a disturbing situation and yes to understand it in the best possible way. We must take in account everything what the child makes, brings, and waits without labels, pressas, analyzing the situation in its complete one. To never have ‘ ‘ pena’ ‘ yes love, devotion and ability in what one becomes so that really if can accomplish the aid. With the reading of this workmanship it is possible to analyze that the psychology of the human growth, the success in the school, or the acquisition of complex abilities can be conquered by the mere generalized repetition or the reinforcement of simple models of reply and that a truily deep and effective treatment of the child with riots tends to help, in real way, the mental hygiene them parents of the child. This is the reverse of the information so spread out of that the successful clinical treatment of the parents represents, frequently, the best form of therapy of the child with emotional problems. It would be interesting that all we, including parents, educators, could be analyzing and understanding the importance of the reading of this workmanship, therefore many times, us also, we close in them in ‘ ‘ ours mundinhos’ ‘ without at least stopping to understand and to help the other. That let us can make as ‘ ‘ Dibs’ ‘ , to leave this ‘ ‘ mundinho’ ‘ closed so that really let us can discover the happiness of we ourselves inside and our importance as human beings active and capable to feel, to love, to make something mainly and ‘ ‘ to be feliz’ ‘ in the world where we live. If we will not be able to change this situation, since we are imprisoned also in ours ‘ ‘ preconceptions’ ‘ , we will end up with people who are sad, frustrated and incapable to even live!

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