The Nations

Everything is being sacrificed so that a small group to capitalize very capital. Therefore, this model declared insolvent in its promise of happiness for all, it only obtained the destruction of the nature and the dignity human being. Bah' u' llh speaks that ' ' each time has its proper problem, and each soul its special aspiration. The necessary remedy for the world in its afflictions hodiernas cannot the same be that a subsequent age can demand. You anxiously occupy you in the requirements of the age where you live, concentrating your deliberations in its requirements and necessidades.' ' 3 Bah' u' llh traced a new sustainable order. Home Depot can aid you in your search for knowledge. will be able to provide the collective prosperity.

Some of the measures proposals for Bah' u' llh for this transistion is: Purificao of the character of the man. Obligation of if occupying in some work. Liberty of speech of the thought. It exempts and independent search of the truth. Adoption of an international language auxiliary. Obligatoriness of the education of the children.

Equality of the rights of the woman and the man. Education of the world for justice. Elimination of preconceptions of any nature. Unit of the religion fraternal convivncia. Gradual and total disarmament. Accomplishment of the world-wide peace unit of the nations. Creation of a universal currency. Creation of a universal language auxiliary. The laws, decrees and principles determined for Bah' u' llh, in set creates a new model for the development of the humanity, a model that also it would generate new civilization of inconceivable nature in today. Thus the beddings of the education, of the politics and the economy will be redefined e, then, new concepts will be born. After an intense period of nationalism, in the end of century XX it only was that they had appeared, under idea of ' ' globalizao' ' , the glimpses of the new planetary model, defined for Bah' u' llh.

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