The Prospects Of Investments In Construction And Hotel Business

The successful development of resort real estate market depends on the situation in the field of tourism. Greece has consistently ranks among the top 10 world travel destinations. Over the past three years the number of tourists visiting Greece is growing at 7-9%. In 2007, according to the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT), the country was visited by 17 million foreign tourists. At the same time the growth leader was Russia. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Attorney General. The growth rates of the Russian tourist arrivals in Greece for last 3 years increased by 25 – 45.8% per year. In recent years the property market in Greece is actively developing.

Greece's competitive advantages are not enough. Sea, sun, clean air, mild climate, unique nature, great tourist infrastructure, a rich historical heritage as a magnet attracts foreign buyers. Greece has an extensive coastline of more than 15,000 km – the longest of the Mediterranean countries. More than 2,500 islands belong to Greece, of which 227 are uninhabited. So in the next few decades in Greece, no problem of overpopulation areas, which already exists in the resorts of Spain, Italy and France. Except that, unlike those countries, in Greece there are still plenty of land on the first line of the sea. It should be noted that real estate prices in Greece are much lower than that of competitors, and because it is a relatively new market, you can be sure that the objects in the next decade will only get more expensive. In 2008 the Greek government announced a series of legislative reforms that will serve as a simplification of real estate transactions, create a favorable investment climate and lead to a substantial increase in demand for Greek property.

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