Munich-based advertisers extend their expertise in the field of app solutions Munich, February 03, 2011: the webguerillas, Germany’s leading full-service agency for alternative advertising, participate with 50 percent of AppAdvisors GmbH, the Munich-based professionals for app solutions. “Through this strategic participation we strengthen our full service portfolio in the field of alternative advertising and expand our expertise in the area of app-solutions”, so David Eicher, Managing Director of webguerillas. Under the direction of the German-American designer Kira song (38) and new-media entrepeneur Michael Reuter (41) to develop the AppAdvisors since 2010 concepts for the development, marketing, and monetization of apps. The range of services is rounded off by monitoring, research and tracking and ensures quality and sustainability in a rapidly evolving market. “Apps are not a temporary issue, but one which will accompany us in the future. Currently, apps are haupstachlich on mobile devices such as Smartphones, as well as Mac and PC used. The next logical step leads us to intuitive and logical applications on devices such as TV and photo cameras. All electronic appliances are theoretically intended to extend its functionality through applications.

Apps will be with us even outside the computer and telecommunications world”, said Kira song, Managing Director of AppAdvisors. This significant introduction of webguerillas in the app market, redefines the framework for app marketing. So David Eicher is excited about the synergies arising from the participation for webguerillas GmbH: using AppAdvisors we have the tailwind for new solutions marketing, Word-of-mouth marketing, social media marketing around our core issues, as, for example, viral. We ignite the stage “Alternative advertising 2.0” quasi. The AppAdvisors are involved in the development of the German app market and have already solid institutions in life. “With their own projects such as, for example, appstory.tv and” appstar Germany’s most prestigious app award we have effectively taken a stand and made it clear that a lot more potential in this young segment,”so Michael Reuter, co-founder of AppAdvisors and CEO of the social Newsportals yigg.de.

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