Willian Carroll Bark

wrote in its book – Treated to Funerary Right where comments regarding the diverse focadas religious conceptions in relation to the social and cultural development that the legal treatment of to the used deceased and the philosophy for the funerals at different times, I evidenced that really they inhabit in these facts a insofismvel way of the man to dedicate to special attention its dead> post mortem its death blossoms and shines after. Receiving the support from the call Age of the Darknesses the humanity strong was marked by innumerable plagues due pssimas conditions of hygiene lived in that occasion of history. Time where epidemics, hunger and illnesses and raised mortality indices disclosed deep changes in the medieval society in the economic scope, politician, religious and artistic. However, it was only in the year of 1348, that the Europe really knows the severity of the call Black Plague. During my research I perceived that authors as Willian Carroll Bark the great villainous portraies the Plague Black as that kills until the end of the year of 1351, one tero of the population for all Europe; data that disclose the mortality state uncontrollable that prevailed in the Average Age. Inside of these approaches and of that I searched, story that the ticket marcante for me was to the spread taken for the art through the accented taste for fnebre and for macabro. It is important to comment more in this point of article one of artistic illustrations Dana Macabra, that it appears in the historical instant where to the people unprovided of you endow or the poor persons souls pass to be received by the arms of the Church, moment where the Church catholic enxerga the possibility to strong influence the religious history of the man.

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