Work And Direction

The direction lack,> consequent freedom of the undetermination, the permanent threat of suffering, the origin to the anxiety, the incredulity in itself exactly and the desperation; it has an emphasis in the freedom of the individuals as its property more important distinctive human being, from which it cannot run away. FINAL CONSIDERAES When to initiate this study questionings main were to define on paper social that the work has in the life of the individual, which the behavior contingencies that it acquires because of its work, which the social status that it has in relation to its work, which the real preponderant factor of the work stops with the worker. Raising innumerable questionings, making one analyzes historical, on the work and the worker, sending to us it a reading criticizes on the capitalist system where the individual is inserted as controlling of its body, as a free being socially, however hostage of the capital. The world, as know we it, is irrational and nonsense, or at least it is beyond our total the worker who entered in century XXI could not the same be of the last century. Therefore the necessary current worker to articulate its social identity, its formation its structure, to have its purpose clearly its paper, he will make what it to produce creative and solidarily. The existencialismo considers that the social rules are the result of the attempt of the men to limit its proper choices. That is, the more structuralized the society, more functional it would have to be. Inside of this vision the social paper of the work is to give to one meaning the existence of the individual and to become it party plaintiff and necessary of the social system, so that this, in turn, if becomes> others modified in accordance with the necessity and with the way where this if finds, then and possible that exists a behavior change, then of social paper.

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