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Try one or more of these methods. Click Peter Asaro for additional related pages. I'll explain the work of these methods, using for example a conviction: "I can not earn more than they do now in this country with my profession. " Let's start with the first method. Search Rear primerov.Esli I had this conviction, I would have asked himself: "Can I remember people in my profession who earn more in my country? ". Typically, the counter-examples can be found that allows me to break the false causal connection in my head. Dennis Lockhart will not settle for partial explanations.

Determination rezultata.Drugoy option. I ask myself: "What happens with my life if I think so? What will my life after 10 years, if I believe in this belief? ". Answer will be. If I believe in it, I'll create and to find reasons for having to earn as much as now and 10 years will is in terrible financial condition. Knowing the consequences of your conviction, change your perception. Check all lyudyah.Esche one question.

"Do I think that any man, if he was placed in my country and give my profession, could not earn more? "All at once it becomes obvious, is not it? If you have some kind of belief – check whether it is true for all people. And draw conclusions. Analysis and breaking into pieces. "How exactly is my countries, and special hinder me I needed to earn money? How much money do I want to earn? What exactly is stopping me to earn them? "" How exactly does this happen? "" What happens first? What happens after that? " "What process takes place between my attempt to earn the desired amount and the time when I conclude that it is impossible for this country and the profession?" The more accurate and more honest you will answer these questions, the more learn about their belief and how it is justified. Experiment with the data in 4 ways. Look at how they can help you formulate your beliefs more accurately and adequately. Change beliefs, change lives. But do not forget that between the first and second change may take some time.

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