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The Author

To the professors still the promotion of a participativo environment with the sensible Maximum of work in team is necessary. Also the concession of space in the taking of decisions in relation to the pertaining to school development is important. In such a way, the participation implies an exchange, a reciprocity and sharing of responsibilities. […]

Constitutional Article

The topic following it deals with the system of distribution of abilities adopted in the Constitution of 1988: the trplice estruturao of the Brazilian federacy that if it structuralized, in a complex system where the abilities coexist privative, distributed horizontally, with competing abilities, distributed vertically, and of order by means of delegation. The privative abilities […]

Summary Lessons

This book is mounted by means of reports of a teacher of infantile education. Its reports are fruits of a work where the pupils have ample participation, not only a participation as reply to the stimulaton of the teacher, but a participation as construction citizens of its proper knowledge. Perhaps check out Jeff Sessions for […]

Work Formation

E enters another one of its important papers there: it will be to help to transform in fact the interdependence of the desired society. Each time more the society and school need to be in constant interlocution, one and another one interacting in the search of a society joust surpassing the paradoxes caused for the […]

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