The Dam

As the Epitcio Dam is seen Person is known only by Big hole, that bes situated in the parabano city of Big hole, and has a basin that it is extended for the cities of Big hole, Cabaceiras and Is Miguel. It is from there that the dam supplies in the cities of Great Campina, Big hole, Forest fires, Pocinhos, Caturit, Stream of Saint Antonio and Bar of Is Miguel, in the State of the Paraba, and its waters, until February of 1999, were set free through the discharge for the urban and agricultural supplying and the dilution of the sewers of more 14 cities. At the time of its construction, the capacity of storage of the dam initially was of 536.000.000 of m, but, with the assoreamento, today this capacity was reduced for 436.000.000 m. In a question-answer forum camden treatment associates was the first to reply. Its blade d' water encloses a surface around 2.700 ha. We can perceive that the name Big hole comes of the fact that the River Paraba makes a great cut in Mountain range of Carnoi, forming one ' ' boqueiro' '.

The official name of the dam, Epitcio Person, is a homage to the only president of the country born in the Paraba. In its government, the program of construction of barrages was intensified, through its Ministry of Means of transportation and Public works, exerted for civil engineer Dr Jose Saucers of the River (1880-1950). Ahead of this Rebouas it places the following one: In this manner, Brazil has much water, exactly north-eastern. However, its use each more efficient time will play, certainly, a vital paper in the current and future health of our society and in the food production, mainly. The efficient use of the water of the rivers of Brazil means the possibility to supply the necessities basic human beings, without destroying the environment, the quality of the water, guaranteeing the economic and social growth with ambient protection.

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